Next thing I knew, I was in Paris

Where you go from Big Question Mark?
You go to Paris!

After a while I started thinking that I needed a 'getaway'.

I always loved Paris, so on tuesday I bought my ticket and on wednesday I was in Paris :)

You only live ones. Best thing I could do at this time. Last minute madness.
I did this at the end of march.

I was tired of sitting and thinking all day. That wasn't very excited or helpful.

So I planed a last minute trip to Paris and it was a great decision.

Talk to you soon!

Me Time

Last week it was my final week on my job.
And it was a very nice week acctualy,  we had champagne and they thanked me for the help,  we laughed drank more champange eat some chips and I felt like it was my birthday, I was so exited for the new adventures to come.
The final day I  thanked  everybody I had little cards for them and some  chocolates for everyone.

Now I'm enjoying my time I call it ME TIME. I'm not even missing it that my alarm was on 5 AM.
The first days there was off course no morning alarm :)
And now the alarm is on 8 AM so I can have time for breakfast!
TIME FOR BREAKFAST is a major thing!  I have never time for it, oke, maybe read 'dont want to make time for it'. But still :) Now I can enjoy the morning.

I bought myself a new laptop, with the new windows 8 so the first days are tricky and new, but I think I get I now :)
I also bought  a new book, it's getting colder every night, so it's nice to have a good book by your side.
And in the mean while I  just go with the flow.
I plan a weekend trip with my lovely siste in a few weeks, I have more time for social activities :)

So, I'm going to enjoy these moments a bit more.
Talk to you soon!

The start of somehting new

Last week on my current job.
Start of something new, or a scary disaster?
The start of 2014

The end is not always the final end. Off course it's the end of a chapter in your life.
But I like to see it as the start of something new.

It's just how to look at it. With some good energy and motivation, it good be the start of something great.

A new painting in the making

Shure, it's also a panic moment, a moment of chaos and uncertainty. But you embrace this feeling, you will reach for new goals and life changing moments.

And at the same time it gives you also lots of time. Time to think. Time for yourself.
Time to do new things where you didn't got the time for in years. Or just stay in bed all day and watch your favorite movies over and over again :)

You can learn about new cultures, new languages, new styles, new interests, and many more.
I like to see it as time for little projects. Trips to the library, to new cities, new directions, learning about new things,...


I'm very excited for the new beginning. I'm ready for a new direction and a new adventure in my life.
Bring it on!

My blog is going in a new direction

Maybe it's the start of 2014, like really a start of something new! I like to think so, and I'm not afraid of taking the next step.

Lifestyle picture

In the beginning I had an idea how I wanted to make my blog.
Now when times goes by, I think I changed my vision a bit. I also think that that's not a bad thing.
That's life, it brings you to new places and new experiences. Through the journey.

I still like to travel so, that’s not changing :)
I also like to help everyone who wants to come visit Belgium. Otherwise to show them around or help them by telling them what they really should visit and what is a waste of time.

Train Traveling
But my blog is also going to be a bit more about me.
My extra pounds that didn't ask for my permission to join my body but they did, my progress along the way, my goal, my idea that the girls on 'Gossip Girl' are truly are my friends, that it's okay to take some risk from time to time.

I like this moment when I start writing, it's a nice part of my day, my week, and my life.

Hope you'll enjoy my honesty and writing.

Talk to you soon!

Sera S Timed


Happy New Year to you all!

I wish everybody a year to remember, a year where you can make risks and choose for yourself. Don't be afraid of letting things go, use the fear to bring you to new places it will give you strength believe me, it will!

Time goes so fast. We get older every year, but actually it's every day, every hour, minute and second,..

And you know what? Every day it's a new day and you make it your own. You choose how you want to spend your own time and energy.
Just like the choices in your life. Your choice, your life!
Sometimes it's scary to break through the thoughts or break through the way of living because there's always tomorrow, and you know that is the same routine, same train, same job, same house... this is a choice that's there, you can count on it, the safe way.
Where's the fun in that. Life is passing you by and you forget that! You forget you are the master of your one choices,  even bigger, of your own life! Let’s live a little bit more this year!

2014 It's gonna be one to remember. Out of the box thinking, more road trips, more crazy fun, more to see and create and spontaneity. That's what life is all about!
A year with possibilities, and new turns.

Let the life begin, live everyday like it's the first day!