2. Vintage and Extreme Fashionable

Here you'll find another side of Antwerp City.
In this are you find vintages shops, with all kind of prices. From 1€ till your own maximum.
The popularity of 'Think Twice' has to thank his succes to his formule. They work in a 6 weeks way.
That means, week one, they got everything (secondhand) new in the shop, prices will go from 12€ till 50€ or more, in 3th week it's have price week for everything, in the 4th week it's 3€ for everything, in the 5th and 6th week it's €2 and 1€ FOR EVERYTHING!!!! Then you'll see that the shop is also almoust empty. And then the cirkel begins again, they get a new secondhand arrival for the 6 week shows...and so it continues.

In the same street you also find more expensive shops but very fashionable.
'ZAPPA' is a exlusive nice shoeshop. Little bit more pricy, but the shoes are amazing.
You also find other fashionable shops, like; Diesel, Replay, Adidas, Amarican apparel, G-Star, Levi's store, Vegas Retropolitan Fashion, Fornarina,...

'Fish & Chips'  is a store you have a lot of different brands, and on saturdays there's a live DJ in the store. A funky store with style.
For piercings and tatoo's this is also the street to be.
In the beginning of the street you'll find the Fashion Museum.
A bit further in this street There's 'Marlies Dekkers' Lingerie. Very famous and special designs and not only for A-cups.
It's a long street I'll admit, but sometimes you'll see just the shop you didn't want to miss. Near the end of the street you'll find a very nice fabric shop called 'Julija's Shop'. When I visit this shop I feel like a child again. lots of bright collors and prints, too bad that I'm not so handy with a sewing machine. But my friends are loving it. And it's heaven for children.

Lots of more vintage shops in this street. And the prices are very reasonable as also the quality.

If you walk thill the end of this street youre walking into a very nice area in Antwerp, South Antwerp. There are very nice bakkeries, restaurants and cafes, there are also nice big museums. The Photomuseum and the museum of Art.

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