3. High Expensive Fashion

Like I earlier said, Antwerp has a bit for everyone.

If you want to feel the experience of a Jimmy Choo in a close up you need to be in this street. To see security in front of a Gucci shop this also the right place to be. Natan is from a Belgium designer it's a famous designer house in Belgium, his designs are well known by the Royals of Belgium and The Netherlands.

If you like nice cars, they are usualy parked in front of this high class shops. From a Ferrari to a Lamborghini and the Bentley is also in his place here.
Here you'll find also shops like; Paul Smith, Coccodrillo, Liu Jo, Ralph Lauren,...

More informartion about these nice shops I'm afraid I can't help you with that. In this street I'm a Queen at windowshopping. But from where I stand the inside looks amazing.

Here you'll find shops as; Scapa, Xandres, Max Mara, Nespresso Boutique, Van Dalen, Pandora Conceptstore, Caroline Biss, Marina Rinaldi, River Woods, Hugo Boss, ...

At the end of the street your also at the end of the Meir shopping street.

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