Sleep tight

In a city that has a little bit for everyone,
I'll find for you the perfect bed where you wake up in.

Backpacking Hostels

- Pulcinella, In the city center, near Groenplaats, and the fashion district.
1 Night from 21 euro - 27.80 euro p.p. including breakfast.
It has double bedrooms, also rooms for 8 personnes etc.

Bed & Breakfast

-La Patio, it's in the center of the old city.
1 night 105 euro 2 personnes including breakfast.
Warm feeling and collors. Lot's of character.

- St Paulus Logies, is also in the old city.
1 night 100 euro 2 personnes including breakfast.
Modern mix with classical features.

- De Witte Nijl, located at the South of Antwerph here ore nice restaurants and bars.
1 Night 120 euro 2 personnes including breakfast. For the apartment 1 night 129 euro 2 personnes.
It gives you that extra get away feeling. The interior is with african designs and inspiration. You can also rent a full apartment here.
Movie impression of Bed & Breakfast

-Bed, Bath and Bread , is in the center of Antwerp it has 3 rooms.
1 Night rates from 70, 85 and 135 euro, 2 personnes including breakgast.


-Raddison Blue Antwerp , Close to the central station of Antwerp. 1 night +- 100 euro 2 personnes including breakfast. In the city center. Nice Hotel with swimming pool, and nice restaurants.

Overprice but nice

-Hotel Julien, In the old city center near de Grote Markt and the Kathedraal, there is a magnificent modern Hotel with a rooftopterras.
1 Night +- 200 euro, 2 personnes breakfast not including breakfast 15euro p.p.

- House of Porters, near the Meir, shopping street and high fashion streets and restaurants.
1 Night 420euro, 2 personnes including breakfast - champagne - extra's!
Pieter Porters, is a Belgium interior designer. These rooms are exlusive and fabulous, he has eyes for details!

De Witte Lelie, In the old part of Antwerp, near the University of Antwerp.
1 Night rates from +-220 euro, 2 personnes including breakfast.
Nice interior, it's located in a beautiful district.

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