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Antwerp is a city with lots of old memories, historical buildings, lovely restaurants, a big M for Museums, small streets, a variation in shopping, and lots of more...

When you visit Antwerp you must see the Central Station. When You're in the main entrance hall, don't forget to look up. And just stand there for a few moments and enjoy what you see.
If you walk through the station you see the changes from on ald station build in the 1800 to the modern station builded/renovated in 2007.

Behind the ferris wheel is the Antwerp Central Station

Train information
If you have to take the train here, BE ON TIME! It's a big station and it has different levels. And usualy it's a very long line for buying the tickets. So ohterweis you do this the day you arrive on time, or a few days before. The trains to The Netherlands and France or always at -2. Usualy Platforms 22 and 23.

NMBS Railway information in Belgium

I wright the streetnames in Dutch, so you can find them also on the walls of the street. This is handy for oriantation or asking the way... it's also little bit funny, in this way you can try to speek dutch.

Shopping in style
Antwerp is a nice shopping city. For everyone, there's the perfect shop.

1. Usual Shopping Experience: the Meir
2. Vintage and extremely fashionable: The Kammenstraat and Nationalestraat
3. High Expensive Fashion: Shuttershofstraat and Huidevettersstraat

Click on it for more information about the shops in that location.

Early Morning

On my way to work this morning I saw the Central Station in Antwerp and I loved it.
5.30 AM

Antwerp Central Station

I like the silence in the morning, knowing that the city still sleeps. So peacefull, no crowd, no loud noises, just me in a very big station.

Maybe I should thank my work for these crazy early hours that I have to start. But otherwise I never get this great feeling that the station for a few minutes is all mine.

Nice way to start the day. You have all the time to wake up on your own pace.
Not so nice when you have your morning ritual on a train with 50 other people.

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What's new?

This month it's all about Antwerp City.

And it's Winter Time in Antwerp.

More to come, more to see, more to experience.

- Nice Hotels, B&B, Hostels, Shopping Experience, Going Out.

You'll read it all here on my blog.

Antwerp City
Visiting Antwerp let me help you
Links to Antwerp
Sleep Tight

More pictures follow soon.

Visiting Belgium? Let me help you with that.

On this blog you'll find a lot of inside information about visiting Belgium. If it's to many information and you can't choose where to go, you can contact me and I plan your visit for you. From point A to point B.

A city with a view

I wil look for the best deals of that day, the trainhours, the busschedule, the parking places, the restaurant with the food you like, a nice place to sleep, a memorable breakfast area or a fine place where you can have a nice cup of coffee or thea in the afternoon,...

I look for the things in your budget, your interests and preferences, so you don't have to think about nothing. And just experience life a little more.

Contact me: serastimed@gmail.com

Me, My blog and I

I have lived in different places, and countries for almost 25 years.
And I had a great experience through those years. I hope more people go left when they feel they want to.

The Summer in Antwerp is the same as having some good drinks with nice friends
And also with a good view

To get to know a city, you should walk in it for hours, go to every little street, walk endlessly and beyond.
And sometimes, you should stand still, look into the sky and breath. Look around and feel alive. Embrace the experience you feel on that street, that corner, that building, that station, that theater, ..

Groenplaats Flowermarket

the island of Antwerp, nice boats, museums and restaurants here.

A view inside the train station

There's so much to see. You should try this also in your own city. You would be surprised what it does to you.
You'll find new streets, new cultures, new creative people, new good smelling food,...
Most of the time, I feld like a tourist in my own country and I loved it.
Belgium is small, that's a fact that's definitly true, but there are so little, big, fun things to find out of it. I like to share Belgium with you.

If you travel from Amsterdam to Paris, I know you can take one train and your there, because in a few hours you already crossed the border of Belgium.

But maybe, let's hope, your train has a terrible delay, so you can visit Belgium anyway.

Welcome to my Blog

I wanted to make this blog because I like to travel.
So, if you wanted to come visit Belgium. Let me help you with that.

I like to know where to go.
          Different cities, different areas in Belgium.
I like to find out how to get there.

          Also looking at the budget and transportation.
I like to look for new places.

          When my feeling says left I go left.
I like to share.

          That's why I'm making this blog for you.
I'll hope you find everything here.