Me, My blog and I

I have lived in different places, and countries for almost 25 years.
And I had a great experience through those years. I hope more people go left when they feel they want to.

The Summer in Antwerp is the same as having some good drinks with nice friends
And also with a good view

To get to know a city, you should walk in it for hours, go to every little street, walk endlessly and beyond.
And sometimes, you should stand still, look into the sky and breath. Look around and feel alive. Embrace the experience you feel on that street, that corner, that building, that station, that theater, ..

Groenplaats Flowermarket

the island of Antwerp, nice boats, museums and restaurants here.

A view inside the train station

There's so much to see. You should try this also in your own city. You would be surprised what it does to you.
You'll find new streets, new cultures, new creative people, new good smelling food,...
Most of the time, I feld like a tourist in my own country and I loved it.
Belgium is small, that's a fact that's definitly true, but there are so little, big, fun things to find out of it. I like to share Belgium with you.

If you travel from Amsterdam to Paris, I know you can take one train and your there, because in a few hours you already crossed the border of Belgium.

But maybe, let's hope, your train has a terrible delay, so you can visit Belgium anyway.

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