Happy New Year to you all!

I wish everybody a year to remember, a year where you can make risks and choose for yourself. Don't be afraid of letting things go, use the fear to bring you to new places it will give you strength believe me, it will!

Time goes so fast. We get older every year, but actually it's every day, every hour, minute and second,..

And you know what? Every day it's a new day and you make it your own. You choose how you want to spend your own time and energy.
Just like the choices in your life. Your choice, your life!
Sometimes it's scary to break through the thoughts or break through the way of living because there's always tomorrow, and you know that is the same routine, same train, same job, same house... this is a choice that's there, you can count on it, the safe way.
Where's the fun in that. Life is passing you by and you forget that! You forget you are the master of your one choices,  even bigger, of your own life! Let’s live a little bit more this year!

2014 It's gonna be one to remember. Out of the box thinking, more road trips, more crazy fun, more to see and create and spontaneity. That's what life is all about!
A year with possibilities, and new turns.

Let the life begin, live everyday like it's the first day!

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