My blog is going in a new direction

Maybe it's the start of 2014, like really a start of something new! I like to think so, and I'm not afraid of taking the next step.

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In the beginning I had an idea how I wanted to make my blog.
Now when times goes by, I think I changed my vision a bit. I also think that that's not a bad thing.
That's life, it brings you to new places and new experiences. Through the journey.

I still like to travel so, that’s not changing :)
I also like to help everyone who wants to come visit Belgium. Otherwise to show them around or help them by telling them what they really should visit and what is a waste of time.

Train Traveling
But my blog is also going to be a bit more about me.
My extra pounds that didn't ask for my permission to join my body but they did, my progress along the way, my goal, my idea that the girls on 'Gossip Girl' are truly are my friends, that it's okay to take some risk from time to time.

I like this moment when I start writing, it's a nice part of my day, my week, and my life.

Hope you'll enjoy my honesty and writing.

Talk to you soon!

Sera S Timed

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