The start of somehting new

Last week on my current job.
Start of something new, or a scary disaster?
The start of 2014

The end is not always the final end. Off course it's the end of a chapter in your life.
But I like to see it as the start of something new.

It's just how to look at it. With some good energy and motivation, it good be the start of something great.

A new painting in the making

Shure, it's also a panic moment, a moment of chaos and uncertainty. But you embrace this feeling, you will reach for new goals and life changing moments.

And at the same time it gives you also lots of time. Time to think. Time for yourself.
Time to do new things where you didn't got the time for in years. Or just stay in bed all day and watch your favorite movies over and over again :)

You can learn about new cultures, new languages, new styles, new interests, and many more.
I like to see it as time for little projects. Trips to the library, to new cities, new directions, learning about new things,...


I'm very excited for the new beginning. I'm ready for a new direction and a new adventure in my life.
Bring it on!

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