Me Time

Last week it was my final week on my job.
And it was a very nice week acctualy,  we had champagne and they thanked me for the help,  we laughed drank more champange eat some chips and I felt like it was my birthday, I was so exited for the new adventures to come.
The final day I  thanked  everybody I had little cards for them and some  chocolates for everyone.

Now I'm enjoying my time I call it ME TIME. I'm not even missing it that my alarm was on 5 AM.
The first days there was off course no morning alarm :)
And now the alarm is on 8 AM so I can have time for breakfast!
TIME FOR BREAKFAST is a major thing!  I have never time for it, oke, maybe read 'dont want to make time for it'. But still :) Now I can enjoy the morning.

I bought myself a new laptop, with the new windows 8 so the first days are tricky and new, but I think I get I now :)
I also bought  a new book, it's getting colder every night, so it's nice to have a good book by your side.
And in the mean while I  just go with the flow.
I plan a weekend trip with my lovely siste in a few weeks, I have more time for social activities :)

So, I'm going to enjoy these moments a bit more.
Talk to you soon!


vanessa rawr said...

Sounds good ! I follow u on bloglovin now .

Sera S Timed said...
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Sera S Timed said...

Thank you for following my blog, means a lot.